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Turkish Airlines Domestic lounge


Whilst working at Softroom architects; 

Associate Architect and project lead for the creation of six Turkish Airline lounges inside Istanbul's newly opened airport. 


Lounges are linked by a ribbon-like parametric wall that's nearly a mile long. Called the Flow Wall, it runs throughout 19,000 square metres of lounge space, creating an intuitive route that transcends barriers of language and culture.

The undulating wall is visible upon entrance to the airport, topped by a huge gold-metal Turkish Airlines logo. It guides travellers from the check-in counters, through to the lounge entrances and then to a central space populated by shops and other amenities.

Constructed with a plywood framework, the wall has been covered with bleached strips of oakwood and carved to feature seven grooves – a subtle nod to the fact that Turkish Airlines fly across the world's seven continents.

These grooves have been inlaid with over three miles worth of LED lights, which can be set to pulse when necessary.

Architects - Sofroom

Design - David Nightingale

All project and image credits: Softroom Limited

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